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This shading system is simple to use and yet so technologically advanced that it is one of the most functional innovations for outdoor shading available today.

Awning frame.webp


Revitalize your restaurant's outdoor dining with the Frame shade system. This sleek, motorized horizontal shade utilizes advanced tensioned tracks for a refined architectural style, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Quiet and efficient, Frame covers areas up to 236" x 236" and offers versatile installation options—flat, angled, or wall-mounted—ideal for stylish, adaptable outdoor settings.

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Upgrade your commercial outdoor areas with the Frame shade. This modern, motorized horizontal shade uses tensioned tracks for a clean architectural look, ideal for various settings. It's designed for functionality, shading up to 236" x 236" spaces effectively with a quiet, advanced tensioning system that includes gas pistons and a durable drive belt, all enclosed in a full cassette. Frame offers flexible installation options on different surfaces or with the Frame Stand for added stability.

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Enhance your home's outdoor areas with the Frame shading system, which combines functional efficiency and architectural elegance. This horizontal shade features a sophisticated tensioning system for seamless operation, making it perfect for patios, decks, and gardens. Its quiet performance and weather resistance, along with versatile installation options—direct, wall-mounted, or stand-supported—ensure it improves outdoor comfort and style. Frame's unique design and solid construction offer both practicality and a distinctive aesthetic to any home setting.

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