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Local Events

Join Distinctive Outdoor Structures at our latest events!


Upcoming 2024 Events

Visit Distinctive Outdoor Structures at the Oaks Home Show February 23rd - 25th 2024.

Location: Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, Pennsylvania




David S.

King of Prussia 2023 Giveaway Winner.


Dave G.

King of Prussia 2023 Giveaway Winner.


KOP 2023

King of Prussia: Guess the Hershey Kisses with Salvatore Outdoor.

Congratulations to David S. for winning the Wicker Cushion Storage Box, valued at $680 from Salvatore Outdoor.

Congratulations to Dave G. for winning the Premium Cornhole Set, valued at $630 from Salvatore Outdoor.

We partnered with our family company Salvatore Outdoor to bring you award-winning prizes!

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