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Outdoor patio with furniture, aerial view


From humble beginnings to a family of brands, Distinctive Outdoor Structures (DOS) has a rich history rooted in dedication, innovation, and a passion for the outdoors.

Unveil the History


Our journey began with the establishment of Sal’s Nursery on the original Salvatore Outdoor site, spanning 19 acres. Not only did it offer "cut your own" Christmas trees, but it also served as a storage for masonry tools and materials. A fun fact? The Wine Cellar, which many have come to love, has been around since then!


As the years rolled on, the early 1970s saw the opening of our Retail Garden Store. With it, we ventured into masonry work, laying the foundation for what was to come.


The 1980s marked our foray into landscaping, with a special focus on fencing.


The early 1990s were notable for the introduction of Outdoor Rooms under the Bonucci brand.

Late 1990s - Early 2000s

Our expertise expanded further as we began constructing pools, adding another feather to our cap.


Lorenti Builders came into existence, further strengthening our foothold in the industry.


Recognizing the growing demand for specialized outdoor structures, DOS - Distinctive Outdoor Structures was born.


Aqua Clean followed suit, offering power washing services, complementing our pergola and patio ventures.


Salvatore Outdoor Retail Store was launched, serving as a one-stop destination to showcase all our brands and the diverse range of services we offer.

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