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Experience the ultimate outdoor versatility with the Maestro Aluminum Pergola. Its sliding folding canvas lets you effortlessly adjust for optimal shade or sunlight, enhancing both functionality and style. Enjoy a sleek design combined with superior durability for the perfect outdoor living space.

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The Maestro Aluminum Pergola with sliding folding canvas offers homeowners a perfect blend of style and functionality. The dynamic curved tubes effectively manage rainwater, while the taut canvas with spacers or alternating trapezoidal design ensures a sleek, modern look. With the ability to reach up to 700 x 700 cm in the three-runner model, homeowners can enjoy a spacious, uninterrupted outdoor living space. The clean lines and integrated features, such as a 12 cm high recessed gutter and integrated screens, create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

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For restaurants looking to enhance their outdoor dining experience, the Maestro Aluminum Pergola is an ideal solution. The pergola can be equipped with either a sliding folding canvas or adjustable blades, allowing for flexible coverage without doubling the pillar. This innovative design enables the pergola to cover large areas elegantly, making it perfect for terraces and garden spaces. The front beam, only 25 cm high, and other integrated features ensure clean, unobtrusive lines that complement the restaurant’s aesthetic while providing a comfortable and stylish outdoor setting for patrons.



In commercial settings, the Maestro Aluminum Pergola stands out with its robust and adaptable design. Capable of covering vast areas up to 700 x 700 cm without a central pillar, it is ideal for various commercial applications. The sleek design includes features like a recessed gutter and integrated beam connections, enhancing the visual appeal while maintaining practicality. Additionally, the wide range of color options, from White Plus to Dark Bronze, allows businesses to customize the pergola to match their brand and environment. With Corradi's commitment to innovative solutions and trendsetting designs, the Maestro Aluminum Pergola is a competitive and original choice for any commercial space.



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