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Backyard Transformation

At Distinctive Outdoor Structures, we are thrilled to share with you the incredible backyard transformation that took place through our recent collaboration with Sals Nursery and Landscaping and Bonucci Masonry. Our team worked together to create an unforgettable outdoor experience in this backyard staycation.

One of the standout features of this project is the addition of the StruXure Pergola system. This innovative structure not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the backyard, but also adds exceptional functionality and versatility. With the installation of a new pool and firepit, this space has truly become the ultimate backyard retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

The StruXure Pergola has elevated the overall ambiance and usability of the area. It allows homeowners to enjoy their poolside haven even during hot summer days thanks to its adjustable louvers that provide cooling shade and protection from the sun's rays. The ability to control sunlight and airflow creates a comfortable environment for all to enjoy.

The collaboration between our team at Distinctive Outdoor Structures, Sals Nursery and Landscaping, and Bonucci Masonry resulted in a backyard that is visually stunning yet highly functional. The attention to detail and artistry displayed by these professionals is truly remarkable.

For anyone looking to transform their own backyard into a personal sanctuary of beauty and tranquility, we highly recommend connecting with our team at Distinctive Outdoor Structures as well as Sals Nursery and Landscaping and Bonucci Masonry. Their expertise and passion for creating amazing outdoor living spaces is unmatched.

We are so proud of the phenomenal work delivered by our collaborative team. We know that anyone who experiences this backyard firsthand will be equally amazed. Kudos to everyone involved for an outstanding project and for creating this exceptional backyard experience!

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