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A Masterpiece Unveiled: Distinctive Outdoor Structures Transforms Springfield Country Club

The Epitome of Outdoor Luxury

We at Distinctive Outdoor Structures are beyond excited to share some incredible news with you! We have just completed a groundbreaking project at the prestigious Springfield Country Club in Pennsylvania. This isn't just another project for us; it's a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets expertise.

The Project Details: StruXure Pivot 6 XL and Pan XL Units

We're thrilled to announce the successful installation of over 4,000 square feet of the awe-inspiring StruXure Pivot 6 XL and Pan XL units. These state-of-the-art structures have transformed the outdoor dining area into a luxurious space that promises an unparalleled experience for all club members and guests.

Not Just Another Project

This was no walk in the park. The project's complex design featured multiple angles and roof lines, challenging our team to think outside the box. And they delivered! Our talented designers have outdone themselves by creating a layout that is as unique as it is functional.

Enhancing the Experience: Progressive Screens (#MagnaTrack)

But we didn't stop there. To elevate the overall experience, we are incorporating Progressive Screens, specifically the #MagnaTrack system. These screens will ensure a comfortable environment, allowing everyone to enjoy their time outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Something for Everyone

Whether you're a golf enthusiast looking for a new place to unwind after a game, a fan of outdoor bars searching for the next hot spot, or simply someone who appreciates quality outdoor seating, this project has something to offer you.

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