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Our Projects & Services

At Distinctive Outdoor Structures, we specialize in providing the ultimate shade solutions tailored for homeowners, contractors, and business owners alike. Dive into our vast selection of motorized pergolas and StruXure systems, ensuring the ideal match for your luxury backyard experience. With our StruXure Partner Dealer expertise and comprehensive services, we ensure the seamless realization of your project.

Luxury Backyard Project Types: StruXure, Motorized Screens & More


Elevate your luxury backyard experience with Distinctive Outdoor Structures. Envision relaxing with a cool beer or congregating around a year-round firepit. Dive into our StruXure systems, offering customizable features such as heaters, fans, projector screens, LED lights, and beyond, ensuring every moment outdoors is a lavish one.



Boost your business ambiance with Distinctive Outdoor Structures. Whether you operate a restaurant, winery, brewery, golf course, or any other enterprise, our StruXure and motorized screen solutions are poised to elevate your establishment, offering luxury experiences unhindered by the elements.

Dive into our extensive collection at Distinctive Outdoor Structures. From Trax System Progressive Screens to luxury backyard essentials like Fans, Heaters, LED Lights, and Projector Screens, we ensure a premium outdoor experience with our top-tier offerings.

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