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Cabana X


StruXure Cabana X with black frame and white louvers

Core +

StruXure Core+ Model Cabana X with black frame, white louvers and LED changing lighting graphic

Elevate Your Luxury Backyard Experience.

The StruXure Cabana X is perfectly suited for poolside lounges, terraces, or expansive open-air spaces, the Cabana X, with its 10x10 dimensions, seamlessly transforms into a dining spot, poolside cabana, outdoor workspace, or any innovative setting you imagine. Dive into our versatile outdoor solutions.

Offered in two versions:

Two smartphone graphic with colorful lighting options displaying Distinctive Outdoor Structures StruXure Cabana Lighting
StruXure Cabana X Grey Graphic with Closed Louvers
StruXure Cabana X Grey Graphic with Open Louvers
Iphone graphic displaying open to represent StruXure Cabana X Louvered Control

Your Space, Your Way!


Core Variant: The Essence of Cabana X by StruXure. Embodying the foundational design of the Cabana X, the Core model delivers the quintessential features at a value-driven price.


Experience luxury backyard simplicity with its user-friendly handheld remote for effortless louver adjustments.

StruXure Cabana X with a black frame and white louvers
White StruXure Cabana X with Green Grass Design Background

Core +

Core + Variant: Advanced Luxury with StruXure's Cabana X. Building upon the foundational Core model, the Core + introduces cutting-edge tech features such as LED lighting, smartphone integration, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.


Dive into a seamless outdoor experience, adjusting louvers effortlessly through your smartphone, and stay digitally connected while you relax in your premium backyard haven.

Cabana X Brochures

Cabana X


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